Wild Hog Hunts

Year Round

All wild hog hunts are from stands over feeders near swamps. These hogs are considered feral (wild) and are not regulated by the state. However you must have a basic hunting license to hunt for them. Hog hunts are available year round and we have excellent hunting all year. We protect nursing or pregnant sows. This has allowed us the opportunity to be well known for being the number 1 spot for hog hunting. Weather you come in the fall, spring or summer you will find very large numbers of hogs using our feeders. Sightings of 100 or more hogs per sitting are often reported. We do not have to night hunt. Our hogs are conditioned to the feeders and know to feed when they go off. Some hogs will weigh up to 400 lbs while 150 – 200 lbs is average. The size harvested is up to you. We have a 90% success rate on hogs but often times it is higher. It is excellent opportunity with bow, gun or muzzleloader as seen on the Sportsman’s Channel and the Outdoor Channel.  We have a 1 hog per day limit.


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